Meet The Team

Elizabeth Mozer, Owner/CEO

Elizabeth is the spunky and vivacious founder and CEO of LoCo, which she started in 2011 with a dream and a minivan. It has since grown into an award-winning company with its own fleet dedicated to providing quality, locally-produced goods all along the front range, a tribute to Elizabeth’s remarkable tenacity. She’s a Fort Collins native, and married to her high school sweetheart, so she basically embodies the very spirit of wholesome, healthy living. As further proof that she’s perfect, her favorite meal is bacon, eggs, and hash browns (cooked by her adoring husband), and her hobbies include gardening and making rag rugs (whatever those are). As the founder of LoCo Foods, the idea of sustainability is very important to her, which she describes as “having a viable local food system which enables our community to have fresher, healthier food made by people they know or who are nearby, thereby economically benefitting the community and the environment.”.

Sam Novotny, Director of Operations

Sam hails from Boulder, CO and has worked at LoCo Foods for four years. He is our Director of Operations, which means he handles every single detail of our operations on a day-to-day basis. He navigates drivers, orders our products, has an encyclopedic knowledge of our inventory, and an uncanny ability to memorize phone numbers. He’s also our in-house DJ, father of a beautiful baby girl, and of our two loyal office dogs. His favorite food is BEER (all caps), and his favorite animal is an EMU (also all caps). He is a self-proclaimed human marshmallow, but that doesn’t stop him from loving bad-ass activities like snowboarding and riding/fixing classic motorcycles.

Darrelle Weyant, Vendor Relations Manager

Darrelle is our utterly indispensable Vendor Relations Manager, meaning she gets to deal with the nitty gritty details of getting our beloved local food purveyors into the LoCo Foods catalog, and all the complicated legalities therein. Among myriad other tasks, she’s also our in-house graphic designer, and patiently corrects everyone who pronounces her name wrong. Thankfully, she’s up to all the challenges we throw at her, and her organization skills are second to none here at the office. She hails from sunny Southern California, but has found a refreshing sense of community in Colorado that she hasn’t encountered elsewhere. Her ideal meal is a nice steak dinner (mid-rare) with clarified lemon butter, grilled asparagus, and a glass or two of Pinot Noir. She deserves every bit of it.

Theresa Spaeth, Bookkeeper

Lindsay Werth, Warehouse Manager

Lindsay is our tireless Warehouse Manager, having started at LoCo Foods in 2014 as a delivery driver. She is responsible for the organization of our physical inventory, as well as making sure that the correct items are staged for the delivery drivers every morning, which is no small feat considering we have several thousand products (and she knows the location of every one of them). She works long, hard hours, and can often be found bundled up organizing product inside the walk-in freezer. She enjoys gardening, hanging out with cats, and eating delicious Chocolove chocolate.

Austin Werth, Warehouse Assistant

Cody Petts, Warehouse Assistant

Waylon Weyant, Broker and Chain Grocery Manager

Lindsay Gips, Data Analytics (Chains)

Elan Seideman, Chain Grocer Specialist

Lucy Westenburg, Chain Grocery Specialist

Brett Beardmore, Institutional Account Manager

Katelyn Toppel, Independent Account Manager

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